Cliff’s Story

Cliff’s Story

April 14, 2016 Inclusive NZ Community 0
Cliff Chase.

When Cliff Chase starts to talk about his job at The Warehouse in Hamilton, it doesn’t take long to see that it is hard for him to curb his enthusiasm.

Excitedly rattling off his daily duties of packing and stacking as a team member working the night fill shift, it’s clear that not only does he thoroughly enjoy the job, but also has a lot of fun doing it.

“The team I work with are just so fantastic and seeing that there were a few of us who all started at the same time, we are all very good at supporting each other and I am really loving my little work family.”

Cliff also heaped high praise on his employers for being super supportive and providing a fun working environment.

“I can’t speak of them highly enough because it really is such a fantastic place to work and I just really enjoy working there.

“Having the structure of having to go off to something each day is also good as I’m definitely a person who likes to be kept busy – and if you can have fun while doing it, why not?, Cliff says.

Prior to securing his current job, you would often find Cliff engaging in one of the many activities offered by Progress to Health who are Inclusive NZ members.

His favourite past-times while hanging out there included mucking in at their plant nursery or generally offering a helping hand to anyone there who needed it.

“They are all so friendly and welcoming there and I have to say I have made many friends during my time with them and the programmes and activities they offer are awesome.”

Cliff was also happy to be able to draw on the support systems Progress to Health offered when starting his new job.

“They helped me prep for my interview and settle into my new job which definitively made me feel a lot less nervous and if I need anything to help me in my work all I need to do is ask.

“It’s so good to know that they are there if I need them which means all I need to worry about is doing my job,” Cliff laughs.