ConneXu – Bringing out the best in people

ConneXu – Bringing out the best in people

October 21, 2016 Inclusive NZ Community 0
ConneXu people next to Motorbike.

Understanding the people they walk alongside, as well as their goals and inspirations has always remained front and centre of what ConneXu do.

But, much like anything they engage in, enriching the services they offer has always been something they are keen to explore, so recently they sent eight of their staff on a ‘Deep Quality’ training course.

The course’s focus is on the practical applications of individualised service design, and became known as ‘Deep Quality’ because of the deepening appreciation people get for what is involved in obtaining enriched lives for the people they support.

ConneXu Community Facilitator Charlie Riley found the course immensely positive, suggesting new ways of focusing long-term care on the person, not the disability. It also showed him new ways of achieving better lives for the people he supports – a goal that is very dear to Charlie’s heart.

Charlie was able to put what he learnt into practice, through supporting Michael, a young man who engages with ConneXu.

A talented motorbike competitor, Michael had difficulties with communication, however Charlie could see the potential Michael had, and how this could really benefit his community, so set about finding ways to make this a reality.

To do this, Charlie and Michael planned the steps needed to accomplish his dream of working with motorcycles.

A fellow motor-bike enthusiast himself, Charlie asked the owners of a local motor-bike repair shop if they would like to meet Michael, with the aim of finding a place for him in the world of motor-bikes.

The owners of the shop thoroughly enjoyed meeting Michael, and this first step towards working with his beloved motorcycles has given Michael the confidence to stay focused on achieving his dream.

It has also meant creating new networks and opportunities within the community who Charlie says, in his experience, are always responsive and delighted to be asked.

In fact, being witness to the development of such positive relationships, has confirmed Charlie’s belief that the principles of individualised support to enable people to take their natural place in the community will lead to success.

Charlie paid tribute to Tony McLean from AccessAbility for his facilitation of this collaboration between Enrich+ and ConneXu. Attending this course enabled support staff from both organisations to learn about the benefits of Deep Quality, therefore allowing these to flow through to individuals in our community – thus, enabling good lives.

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Words provided by Blue Chilli