Darrell and Allan setting things in motion through cycling

Darrell and Allan setting things in motion through cycling

November 9, 2017 Inclusive NZ Community 0

Riding along on a bike, with the wind in your hair, has got to be one of the most freeing sensations that we can experience. It seems to engender that feeling of not having a care in the world, perhaps it’s because it gives you a different perspective on it, as it whips past you in a blur; cold air hitting your body – it’s hard not to feel alive. It’s an experience that we probably take for granted, but most of us have done it, even back in childhood.

For Allan, though (who is supported by Inclusive NZ member ConneXu) this had unfortunately been an experience that had eluded him – up until recently that is.

That is because with the support of Allan’s ConneXu Community Facilitator, Jade, Allan was able to experience the joys of riding a tricycle, for the very first time, through his participation in a wonderful initiative called Wheels in Motion.

Wheels in Motion helps disabled people and the elderly recover their mobility and independence through cycling.

Allan is now a regular attendee of Wheels in Motion going along every week with his flatmate Darrell.

Darrell, who is also supported by ConneXu, was initially hesitant to pedal along on his own tricycle, however, through the supportive environment of Wheels in Motion Darrell is now confident to do this on his own.

ConneXu Community Facilitator Jade says it’s been wonderful to witness Darrell’s confidence and mobility grow which also means his new found “can-do attitude” has had a positive effect in other areas of his life.

In fact, Jade is amazed at how the regular sessions at Wheels in Motion have had flow on benefits in other areas for both men. “After losing his confidence on his feet, Darrell now feels like he can do things on his own. And for Allan, he is testing his confidence – bouncing higher and higher on the trampoline at home to get that feeling of wind in his hair. This has been a real world-opener for the both.”

Jade says the opportunities for building physical and emotional confidence, as well as friendships, through Wheels in Motion has been fantastic to be part of and is a great avenue for their people to get out and about and participate in their community – something ConneXu is 100 per cent behind.