Downlights Luxury Candles!

Downlights Luxury Candles!

May 31, 2019 News 0

Downlights is a New Zealand owned and operated fragranced soy-candle company that manufactures luxury candles using traditional artisanal techniques. As social entrepreneurs, our candles are lovingly hand poured and the entire manufacturing process supports the development of a variety of workplace skills for people with Downs Syndrome. We currently stock a lovely range of candles housed in various recyclable and re-usable mason jars, luxury crystal cut glassware, candle holders with a range of supporting soy melt burners, reeds, diffusers and candle accessories.

There are 11 special bespoke fragrances that make up the Downlights NZ scent menu divided into different themes like florals (Gardenia and Sweet Pea),  gourmand (French Vanilla; Marshmallow Puff, Vanilla and Coffee Bean), fruity (Pink Grapefruit and Cassis; Lemon Peel and Ginger;Tutti Frutti) and a limited collection range for festive and special occasions (Silver Pine and Purple Orchid).

We have a different range of candles available on the websites below as well as through Interworld Fund-Raising, an organisation that helps schools, groups and organisations with their fund-raising efforts. Each candle that you buy from the Interworld Fund-Raising or Downlights Fundraising site has a portion of sales donated to NZDSA (New Zealand Downs Syndrome Association).

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