Jason’s Story

Jason’s Story

April 14, 2016 Inclusive NZ Community 0

Jason, who is supported by ConneXu, is the hero of his own story: a goal-setter who works steadily through the steps he needs to achieve in order to reach his goal.

Some time ago Jason laid out the Path he intended to follow, and set himself the goal of learning to drive, beginning with his learner’s licence. He’s studied hard and Linda (Community Facilitator with ConneXu) who encourages Jason as he works towards his goals, is often glad to have him in the passenger seat to remind her of road rules that may have slipped her mind!

Always a methodical young man, Jason runs his life more competently than many of us by keeping to his routine and leaving nothing to chance. In that way he manages his job at the local Z petrol station and his social commitments alongside his home life. His flatmate, Vincent, admires Jason immensely, and wants to be just like him. No wonder – Jason is a capable cook, whose butter chicken makes Linda hungry just to think of it.

Linda, who has walked along beside Jason on this journey, says that his ability to stay focused on tasks, his reliability and even temperament are impressive.

His cheerful conversation and friendly greetings have won Jason many friends in the community and he is always warmly welcomed in the groups he has joined.

When Linda first joined Jason and his flatmate and accompanied them on outings, she told him that it was like being out with a film star, everyone greeted him pleasantly, enjoying his sunny smile and happiness.

Since Jason has been living with ConneXu support, he has developed independence, learning the life skills he needs to manage his home life and his job. Because he is now supported in striving to improve, in achieving his goals and building connections, Jason has found his place in the community, a sense of identity and friendship.

Any day now, Jason will achieve his learner’s licence, and begin the steps towards his next goal: his driver’s licence. You can be sure that his ability to stick to the plan and follow a process through to its end will make him a better driver than most.