Optionz Brain Rehabilitation & Recovery Trust

Optionz Brain Rehabilitation & Recovery Trust

April 13, 2016 Inclusive NZ Community 0
People at the Optionz Brain Rehabilitation & Recovery Trust.

These times they are a changing and rather than blowing in the wind, Optionz Brain Rehabilitation & Recovery Trust is all about taking a proactive approach.

Whether that means upgrading its paper based systems to web-based cloud operating & storage programmes – to foster their collaborative approach, or by achieving certification under NZ8158:2012 Home and Community Support Sector Standard, this rehabilitation and recovery support service is not afraid to do what they have to do to remain effective and relevant in the sector they work.

This mind-set is also reflected in one of the Trust’s core tasks – creating and implementing individualised rehabilitation plans with the people they work alongside. To make sure this happens plans are always approached holistically, taking into account the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of each client. Other aspects that add further strengths to the plans are that they are built on the latest evidence based research and through the Trust’s cloud based sharing systems, staff, for instance Occupational Therapists, are easily able to share their skills and knowledge with others who may be working offsite.

A further benefit of the online sharing process is that a client’s progress, results and outcomes are easily monitored making it easy to adjust a plan, if it is no longer meeting the client’s needs. Building family and other support systems into the planning process is also viewed as a crucial part of instigating a successful plan, as General Manager Dennis Daley says “we know full well that even if we build a sound evidence based plan, it is only ever as good as its implementation.”

Taking this in-depth approach seems to work well for the people they work alongside, with one particular example involving Jack*.  Jack was referred to the Trust following a serious car accident that left him with serious brain injuries. As a result Jack was left with a limited attention span, displayed socially inappropriate behaviours and had difficulties with high level mobility tasks. These days though Jack is successfully managing to live an active and meaningful life and still engages in exercise programmes run by the Trust, and takes part in one of the Trust’s structured behavioural programmes, polishing up his social skills and developing healthy social boundaries.

“Watching Jack’s reintegration back into the community has been humbling for his family and our close knit rehabilitation team, something that no doubt seemed like a far off dream in the beginning. Kudos to all those who have been involved in Jack’s continuing journey, and we are definitely proud of being a small part of this. I think when we are able to reflect on people like Jack, it serves as a good reminder of how inspiring the people we work with are and how rewarding it is to part of their journey,” Dennis says.
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