Something Delicious cooking up a storm

Something Delicious cooking up a storm

April 15, 2016 Inclusive NZ Community 0
Skillwise catering participants.

Turning what you love into a business is no mean feat, but catering group Something Delicious are making good inroads to achieving this.

Operating out of SkillWise and comprising of members from the organisation’s cooking groups, to date the group have already conquered 11 catering gigs, since forming in February, and are hungry for more.

At this stage catering jobs have been secured through word of mouth, but as the confidence and skill level of the group grows, so too will its pace to transition it to a social enterprise.

For now though SkillWise community facilitator Jacinta Proud says they are happy to grow from their experiences, hone their skills and learn as much as they can.

Learnings they have taken from the process so far include figuring out the logistics of how to get food out in a timely manner, as well as what methods of service work best for members of the catering group. Specific skill sets of each group have also become more apparent which has helped them devise the best ways of working as a team.

“It has definitely been a ‘learn as you go’ process and watching how we work now, compared to how we did when we first began has been a helpful exercise. Through this process we now know where each group member best fits and we have also introduced a menu, which means we can pour all our attentions into perfecting these dishes.”

Currently the menu includes a small range of party-friendly finger food such as cupcakes and small quiches, however as the group continues to gain more momentum, further options will be added, Jacinta says.

Although Jacinta acknowledges there is always room to grow, she believes it is also important for them to celebrate the group’s successes. “For one event we catered for 134 people! I for one am really proud of the groups’ achievements and it has been a pleasure to be part of the process and watch group members grow from their experiences.”

The next steps are really taking the momentum and formalising things into a true social enterprise along with ensuring the required business planning is in place, before launching to a wider market.