Training Fund

Fund Purpose

Inclusive NZ administers the Training and Workforce Development Fund, on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development.  The Fund enables staff members from MSD funded employment, participation and inclusion services to apply for funding to undertake training.

To date, seventeen rounds of the Fund have been completed. Funding is available which will be distributed at a first come first serve basis. Please find the application form and criteria below.

Download the application form

Download the Criteria

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training do you fund?

We fund training which is relevant to your position within your organisation for development purposes. This can include a wide variety of courses and workshops from dealing with clients to postgraduate study.

How much can I apply for and how many times may I apply?

There is no set amount payable provided it does not exceed $4,500 total (GST inclusive) across all rounds (we are now in Round 15). You may apply multiple times as long as the total of your applications does not exceed this amount. Applicants who have exceeded the $4500 per person limit and who were employed in an employment, participation and inclusion service for more than four years will be eligible for extra funding up to $2000.

My course is out of town – will you pay for my travel?

No. Funding is for actual and reasonable course costs only and does not include travel, accommodation or textbooks.

When do I have to send in my funding application?

Your application must be received before your course begins. We cannot consider applications for training which has already started or is complete. Applications normally take six weeks to process.

When will I hear if my funding is approved?

Please allow 14 business days for your application to be processed. Don’t forget, the application must be in before the course start date.

Will you fund my attendance at a conference or forum?

No. Conference attendance and professional supervision is not considered training for the purposes of the Fund.

Will you fund my health and safety course? My organisation already has the minimum number of representatives but I want to do the course for my own development?

No. The Training Fund doesn’t differentiate as to why you are doing a course. Health and safety courses are designed to meet an organisation’s minimum responsibilities and accountabilities under legislation or guidelines and are, therefore, not eligible for funding.